Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm in a 3-day training class this week. It's a class taught by and for employees in my department, learning how to setup software for onsite training courses. We're having a fun time, but I have to wonder- if setting up this software is so complicated that we (the experts) have to take a 3-day training just to understand it, how can we expect customers to set it up properly?


In other news, Modean got a bath last night. The dogs were playing out in the rain while we caught up on season 5 of Sex and the City. Goofch was a little upset that we left them out in the rain but was sure that it must've been his fault. That dog carries the weight of the world on his lugubrious face. All the while Modean was digging his way to China. Perhaps he was seeking shelter from the storm? When we brought them in, he was filthy and laughing maniacally.

By the way, Modean and Goofch mentioned that they're pretty bored during the day and since Modean knows how to type (he's slow--hunt and peck), they wanted to start a blog. I let them tack onto my blogsite. Here's the address. Check it out, they'd appreciate it. They also have a couple of new (small) pictures on their picture-page


PartnerInCrime said...

The dog blog is awesome. I always think of cats as the type to plot coups on their owners - glad to see it isn't species-specific. :)

Modean said...

Why wasn't I born with thumbs? If I had thumbs I could drive the truck!