Monday, August 16, 2004

OK, so as you can see I've decided to use blogger for my blog. I am so bad at creating webpages that this is going to be the safest for all parties... I've linked to it from my homepage. Perhaps someone will look at it now and then-- maybe you can bookmark it and see what's up from time to time!

By the way, just a reference point, I disguise all names in this blog, borrowing after the style of dianaverse. Not because I plan to say anything particularly controversial, but mostly because it is fun to give everyone pseudonyms. I bet you can figure out who you are, if I'm talking about you and if you know me pretty well, you'll figure out who almost everyone else is, too.

If you were wondering, the title Living in the Woods refers to the new place that SNG and I bought a few months ago, which seemed like such a good idea at the time. Who would have known that the old house would NEVER SELL. I can't tell if it's because our realtor sucks, or if it's a bad economy, or what. All I do know is we put the house on the market in March, and here it is mid-August and we've had 0 offers. Nada, nil, zip. *sigh* And we can't get a fence or eat out or anything until the old place sells. Good thing I travel on expense account.

Poor SNG. Ramen at home with the dogs.

OK, so it really isn't all *that* bad.

On another note, I just got back to town from a weekend trip to Atlanta. It was definitely what you'd call bittersweet. My cousin Sparky is sick and not doing well at all - she has a terminal childhood illness and it has taken a turn for the worse in the past few months. So a bunch of us went down to visit with her. My cousins PartnerInCrime, Cosmopolitan, and SammyC and I all flew in on Friday. We got to see Sparky, and we were also able to lend support to our other cousin StrawberryShortcake and Paternal Uncle #1. Paternal Aunt #2 also lives there with her new partner, so we had a chance to meet New Partner. I think we all liked her a lot, so that was cool. But talk about bittersweet. It was really great to all get together, but also really sad. It was a reality none of us are ready for- losing one of the cousins.

While there, I stayed with some cousins from mom's family, and it was really cool to catch up with them. Twinkie #3 seems really happy with school. And I tell you, it really is funny how 2 years can pass and it's like it wasn't even a week ago that we were staying up late in our pajamas talking about whatever. It's the same thing with ParterInCrime. We can meet up for the first time in years and it's like we're just on the same page where we left off. Kind of cool, I think.

So now I'm back at work and trying to get some work done on these revisions. I guess I'll be doing a lot on the plane tomorrow. Next 3 weeks I'm out of town: Washington, DC, Minneapolis, and then Irvine, Ca. Then one week home (MS150 weekend and my birthday!) and then off again to Charlotte. Not too bad, I suppose since I was home for 4 weeks (which hasn't happened in a very long time). Well, I hope someone is reading and having a good week!

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